Sometimes, the best thing about traveling is to stop

L’8Boutique Apartments Bologna was born from the aim to enhance a Bolognese palace from the 1700s, owned by our family since the 19th century, which formerly housed the Convent of S. Andrea.

We decided to create our Bologna vacation rental, that are design apartments, respecting the history and tradition of the typical Bolognese houses while maintaining exposed beams, original bricks, frescoes and period furniture, to which we have combined pieces of art, modern and design objects.

Each apartment is unique, and wants to reflect different stages of your journey to involve you as a curious tourists, explorers, collectors of images and memories.


Discover all the promotions we have reserved for you and for your exclusive stay in our design apartments.


That every single apartment will be a unique and unrepeatable stage of your journey.

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L'8Boutique Apartments

+39 0510339083
Via Agamennone Zappoli 2 – 40126 Bologna BO

L'8Boutique Apartments

+39 0510339083
Via Piella, 18 - 40126 Bologna BO